Bitzap Coin is "THE NEXT-GENERATION DIGITAL CURRENCY" platform that unifies all major Online & Offline Multi Brand Stores for allowing consumers to enjoy shopping seamlessly, securely, and cost effectively.It serves as the bridge between the Crypto-currency world and the physical world to satisfy consumers. Who previously couldn’t shop while using their digital assets. With the technology infrastructure offered by Bitzap, digital asset users would now be able to shop across the World with their favorite major ecommerce & Other Offline Multi Brand Stores. Bitzap provides an efficient, Block chain based payment processer without compromising security. The Bitzap Platform will serve as the next generation digital Currency. As a commodity that is not bound to any geographic restrictions or national borders, the Bitzap Coin (BZP) strives to connect the real world with crypto currencies through future-oriented products and services.Bitzap will not have a dedicated payment coin.